Discover How To Make Money While You Sleep in 84 Days or Less And Supercharge Your Lifestyle

How To Make Money While You Sleep

Discover How to create your online courses, learn about affiliate marketing and understand  the sales marketing machine that will let you  Live The Life You Love


Your Online Course

Discover step by step how to create your Online course

Other Sources of Income

Discover the secrets of Affiliate Marketing and Drop Shipping

Discover The Tools and Strategies To Make Money While You Sleep

Module 1 – Vision

Module 2 – Research & Testing

Module 3 – Planning

Module 4 – Course Design

Module 5 – Course Creation

Module 6 – Platforms

Module 7 – Sales Pages

Module 8 – Sales & Marketing Funnel

Module 9 – Marketing through LinkedIn

Module 10 – Marketing through Webinars

Module 11 – Promotions, Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

Module 12 – Other Revenue Streams

Module 13 - Promotion using Video

You have great ideas, clients you want to help, the technical knowledge and know how that you want to share with clients

The only thing standing in your way is a system to learn how the greats do it and then apply that to your business.

  • Have you ever struggled to create an Online Course
  • Or thought, "Why are others doing better than me when I am putting in the same effort?"
  • Or woken up thinking ‘I would love to see money coming into the bank without too much effort'

This can be confusing and time consuming trying to develop t#your online course. I know, because I have been there….

Having developed 23 CD Courses and sold thousands, I then developed 9 Online Courses and sold 93 in 90 days.

That's why I created pHow To Make Money While You Sleep, so you too can benefit from this.

Enrolling in How To Make Money While You Sleep will:

  •   Give you more free time and money to do what you love 
  •   Give you the lifestyle you have always wanted. I have homes in three countries and have spoken in 69 countries 
  •  Help You rapidly build courses and help thousands of clients

So, you might be wondering, who is Frank Furness?

Meet Frank Furness

After a career as a professional drummer, Frank started as a Financial Advisor in 1980 and in his first year broke all targets. For the next 10 years he built a winning team of financial advisors. 

In 1993,  Frank moved to London and joined a small firm where he became a partner. 

Not knowing a soul he went on to qualify twice for MDRT TOT and was among the top 5 advisors in the United Kingdom.

Companies started asking Frank to share his success story and so started his speaking career where he has now presented to and coached clients in 69 Countries.

Frank's  book 'Walking with Tigers' based on research with 500 of the world's top business leaders became best seller globally.

Frank has deleloped 23 CD courses and 9 Online Courses. His first one 25 years ago, earned him $50,000 in his first week with his first product.

Two years ago, Frank strarted developing his 'Sales Strategies for Financial Advisors' program and after a huge amount of effort it is now available for you.

Frank splits his time between his homes in London, Orlando and Spain.

Frank Furness

This is not Relevant for Everyone. But it is for you if....

Are looking for new and exciting ideas in the changing world

Are prepared to invest in yourself and make the time to complete the program

Want to create an income that frees you up to do the things you love

What is Included In Your Blueprint to Success

80 Videos

The largest video learning library covering every aspect of How To Make Money While You Sleep

12 Worksheets

To cover all your planning and action plans

£1,000 in Resources

Video, audio, lower thirds, action buttons, studios and images to help create a winning online course

Download the Table of Contents of Your Course

Why Should You Invest In This Program

Many of you are asking why I am the person to help you.

I grew up in a small mining village in South Africa where my dad was a miner and when I was 9 a sinkhole appeared where a family disappeared and we moved out to live with my grandmother.

We didn't have a lot of money and I was pretty average a school. After military training I became a professional drummer and at the age of 28 needed to get a real job.

After failing 3 interviews to become a financial advisor, the company finally took me on after I phoned them every day for three months begging for the job.

In the first year I broke targets and then over the next 13 years built one of the most successful teams in the country.

In 1993 I moved to London and not knowing a soul qualified for MDRT TOT.

Since 1997 I have been a motivational speaker and presented in 69 countries.

I have been there, known the pain and the pleasure. I have met with some of the course creators and affiliate marketerss on the planet and want to share what I have learned.

Find the Right Package  for your Success

Are You Ready To Become Even Better Than you are Right Now?

If you are ready for more success and to stand out, this is for you

If you are committed and want to make an impact and willing to do the work...

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  1. 13 module
  2. 80 Lessons
  3. $1,000 in Resources
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