The New World of Sales

 I am constantly amazed by the number of business owners I meet that are complaining that sales are down or that the sales team is not as effective as they should be.

My first question to them is ‘when was the last time your sales consultants went on a sales training course (this applies to small businesses and coaches as well)?

Ninety percent of the time the answer ‘years ago or never’

Shockingly, a recent poll of mine on LinkedIn showed that over 50% can’t remember when they were last trained or even worse, had never been on a sales training course.

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If you look at any top sports achiever, they are constantly being trained and coached to be the best they can be.

They seldom look at the competition and only want to improve their ‘personal best’

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Why is it any different in sales and why are so many businesses training their people to be the best?

I have achieved the highest level in sales and was recognized among the top half percent...

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